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December 24, 2009


Randy Dreyfuss

Okay, let's get this straight. I am Randy Dreyfuss, and I worked with both Harry and Michael Medved on "The 50 Worst Films of All Time." I wrote about one-third of the text; I still have my original handwritten manuscript to prove it! There is no medical school at Oberlin. I was a theater student in the college, and a composer/pianist in the Conservatory of Music.


did mr. stang do the chunky`s chocalate commercial.?


Great article.

And don't forget, the amazing Mr. Stang was also a deejay (!) on New York City's old WHN-1050 (now WEPN) in the early 1970s.

See this ad from The New Yorker. Scroll down to about half-way.



RIP, Mr. Stang.

David Weinberg

Okay you trivia buffs out there. Does anyone remember Stan Freberg's comic send-up of Dragnet of the early fifties? It was called St George and the Dragon-net; and on it (or in it, if you prefer) the character that Freberg played (similar to Jack Webb's) was trying to find out about the dragon who was "devouring maidens out of season." One of the interviewees was a guy who sounded like Stang. Either that, or he gave a pretty darn good impression of his voice. His line was "what's to describe, you see one dragon, you see them all?" Done in a Brooklynese accent that was a dead ringer for Arnold's. Well, he will always be remembered.


That voice, David, was of course done by the wonderful voice talent Daws Butler - who (just like Stang at Top Cat) was employed by Hanna-Barbera throughout the sixties. And in that routine Daws utters the old school axiom that we see at the top of this post, "Ya wanna make a federal case outta it?"


"Hercules In New York" is one of the worst movies ever except of course for Stang's performance as "Pretzie", the lovable pretzel salesman. That name has to one of the worst ever though.


RIP, Arnold. And thanks for all the fun!


Great article about the late Arnold Stang. What a marvelous actor. I remember seeing a revival of "The Front Page" on Broadway in New York in 1969 or 1970, with a cast of well known actors including Robert Ryan, Bert Convy, John McGiver and Peggy Cass. Arnold Stang had a small role, I think Mr. Pinkus, but when he came on stage the audience went wild - I think he got more applause than the stars.

Jeff Missinne

Great article! I have an LP of Henry Morgan radio sketches, and Arnold Stang could get more laughs out of fewer words than anyone. In one sketch, all he says is "SEX-Y!" and in another, "I feel nauseous!" and the audience just roars. No doubt he was mugging in front of the mike, but his delivery was perfect.

There's a hilarious photo available at Tumblr and elsewhere showing Arnold being CARRIED by glamour girl "Irish" McCalla (TV's "Sheena of the Jungle.") It was taken at the Berle show; Elvis was on the same show...as far as I know, Irish didn't try to carry Elvis, but another gag photo shows him looking startled as Sheena holds her dagger to his throat. (He should've looked worried too, that thing was real!)

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