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January 30, 2010



What is his last answer? 'Mild Sauce'?


Reminds me of an older "Handy Man" from In Living Color.


It must be said: the man is a formidable WOF contestant. He's also great fun to watch. Not sure why they'd not want to keep him around for a while. Must these shows always have such boring contestants?


' and stalker ' , what a patronising , puerile putdown.

Listener Coolie

Heavens2, he trespassed on to the studio backlot FOUR times and parked himself in the audience without a ticket. I would imagine that qualifies.

fatty jubbo

he was just ahead of his time.

James Downard

good post. he's like snoop dogg with asperger's.


Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU for posting this. I might not be sane, but I knew this really existed... a WOF Unicorn.

1994, I was visiting friends in Pittsburgh, incapacitated via strange brownies, inert on the living room floor; we witnessed this on the TV box.
By the end of the show, we were in tears laughing. The absurdity of watching WOF in our state, only to be rewarded, with Raymond.
Those moments when Raymond leans in close and mumbles to Pat, I was convinced were signs of collusion - the guy was a plant! Hired to mess with dumb brownie-eating burnouts! (Paranoid head 'splode.)

It was like the Star Wars Christmas Special - years later I thought I had made most of it up in a hallucinatory rage. Nobody knew what the hell I was talking about - just another dumb burnout story.
Thank you for proving Raymond exists. You turned grey cells green.

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