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January 09, 2010


Ninah Pixie

SO awesome, great job posting this here, Mindwrecker and see you at the "big show" end of the month!!!


The Beach Boys are from Hawthorne you fuck face, which makes it WAY NOT a crappy town.


TOrrance is crappy? people from freakin' New Jersey should watch which towns they call crappy. Just sayin'...


So Sensitive ! Indeed- my "crappy little towns" comment was only partly serious---those of us who DID live around there felt that way about the area (and much worse), but hey- I wouln't change a thing about 'em- so cool down locals. By the way- the people and robots who blog on WFMU hail from all over the planet, as well as from way crappier planets.

Mr Fab

Touchy touchy! I can speak from personal experience that the South Bay is a nice, clean, safe, great-place-to-raise-the-kids kinda place that is utterly bland and dull, devoid of culture (does the Del Amo mall count?). The Beach Boys/Wilson family house could have been a museum or something, but they bulldozed it to make way for the Century freeway. No wonder so much punk rock, e.g. the SST Records crew, erupted from the area. It is close to the beach, tho.

ANYWAY, always fascinated to hear any pre-internet/mashup-era sound collage stuff from the cassette days, so keep it coming, 'wrecker. "Beatlerape" was particularly lovely, reminds me of the Tape Beatles.


"So cool down locals" (Mindwrecker)

Your "so cool down locals" retort is almost as offensive as your original "crappy little towns" comment.
Obviously your mom didn't teach you to think before you type.

PS - are you sure the Big City Orchestra has been around 30 years?
I've lived in the South Bay (San Pedro) all my life and have never heard of them.
I guess you're the completist and you would know


San Pedro. Say no more.


Good one, dude

Meet me at the top of the Vincent Thomas Bridge
and we'll sort this out like adults

San Pedro, home of the Minutemen. Makes it one fine town in my book.

incidently, not that I like rap or anything, but Straight Outta Compton is considered the premier hiphop album, pretty much defining the movement and it was recorded in... Torrance.

I jus tmentioned that cause you rattle headed twenty-somethings with your colege rock sensibilities (?) seem to revere that shit.

mister caz

actually Hawthorne IS A CRAPPY TOWN

Sid Bucks

Only on WFMU can a WFMU blogger seriously bash an entire vicinity ("crappy little towns south of LA")
and get more responses concerning his bashing and no responses regarding his actual music post.

How humiliating!

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