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January 23, 2010



It looks like their name is the Big Tity Orchestra.


Even with all the hoopla and background I have no desire to listen to this music.
Just from these descriptions it all brings to mind Oingo Boingo
and Oingo Boing ain't happenin'


Hey- you're right- that font DOES make it look like tity. "Huh huh...he said tity."


I was thinking the same thing Tomblee. Add it to one of life's many disappointments.


Not a disappointment to the rest of us, be nice or go away.
i really liked the weird radio recordings.

Ninah Pixie

Well fortunately the fans outnumber the complainers in this scenario;)
thanks to the fabulous Mindwrecker for this awesome BCO 30 Year Anniversary material!!!!

Roma d'Amor

There is simply too much interesting music in the world to bother with mediocre ideas and execution; it's the extremes that matter in the end. Glad these guys are having fun, though. Just don't get all indignant that most people don't care!


Who's indignant? Sure, some of it is mediocre- it's a look at what a band was doing back when they weren't experts yet. Yup- there sure are a lot more 'extreme' things to listen to- no kiddin'!

Delana Hildreth

The origins are mysterious, even to one who was in the band 25 years ago.

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