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January 21, 2010



That Looney Brothers album looks remarkably like a real Mingering Mike piece.
Wanna sell it?

Larry In Seattle

I have a copy of that KYYX compilation album. KYYX was founded by Pat O'Day, a legendary Seattle DJ who long supported local music in the Seattle area in the '60s and '70s. The station evolved into Seattle's first commercial alternative FM station before being sold and the format, call letters changed. Today, 96.5 in Seattle is KJAQ, a "JACK-FM" station....

Tony Coulter

Thanks for the info, Larry! Forgot to mention that the KYYX sampler is from 1978.

As for the Looney Bros. album, I think I'll keep it. Sorry, Ramone666!


It is funny to see this post because I was just in the Seattle-Tacoma area and found a super-rare copy of Art Barduhn's "Our Dinosaur Friends" I had been searching for this album for years, and the fact that Barduhn was a local musician made this a vacation super score. The fact that I found it in the Tacoma Goodwill Bins made it even better.

mike clancy

Hi Tony: See you escaped to Portland (verrry curious about that town myself). Just a notice that ROCKADROME CD is close to release in Spring 2010 by Pacemaker Records.

Mike Clancy, Toronto.


Tacoma has the best thrift stores. I should know. As local hero's girl trouble said so eliquently "I live in tacoma and I'm proud to say it's my hometown"


Yeah that Mark Jorg album shows up now and again here in Portland, nice "loner folk" as you say. I'm tryin' to put together a Vanco collection, there's a lot of crap on that label but plenty of good stuff too, I recently found the ridiculous Center Line lp, and a so-so one by the Waynes...

Matthew Temple

Ok This is strange to see.. I'm "Mark Jorg". I changed my name because I keep getting offered gigs for Hispanic functions. I’m in Nashville now and still playing an writing music. I tour with a group called “Bears On The Run”. We have a lot of videos posted on youtube. Oh It took my Moms maiden name for my last name “Temple” and she wanted to name me “Matthew” so I took that for a first name. Thanks for the nice comments. Matthew Temple

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