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January 02, 2010



It's time to never speak of 2009 again.


Did Michael Jackson really have to say "This Is It" about his last tour and mean it?


2009! Why can't you be more like your older brother 1998?
You've disappointed me, son!

Tea baggers? Really 2009, aren't you ashamed of yourself?

2009, you were supposed to dispose of Dick Cheney's body after the inauguration.
You have failed!

2009, give me back my cat, you son of a bitch!
(my cat died in 2009)


Blossom Dearie and Lux Interior, in the same month no less? You have some explaining to do, young man.

Listener Coolie

Poor Doc...sorry 'bout your kitty cat.


Why couldn't you have taken Listener Coolie with you, you bastard?

Listener Coolie

WOW, THERE'S some class.


Can I have my job back? Or at least a replacement?


One day into 2009 I lost my weekend job, then upon returning from labor day weekend they informed me that my position at my full time job had been eliminated. OTOH, previous to my dismissal, I did have the opportunity to polish off large quantities of both Freud and Hegel in the back stairway before they locked it. David Carradine? no question he died doing something he loved to do and was certainly not around to feel any shame or embarrassment after the fact. A blackmailed or otherwise shamed or brain damaged David Carradine could have been a far worse result. As years go, 1992, for me, still holds title as the very worst.


"And take Dick Cheney with you."


2009 was just this year, you know?

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