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January 09, 2010


John McCabe

I like how that the one lefty going and then they bow at the end in unison. and OMG those are cardboard boxes.

Colin the Culture Hunter

Most impressive !

Talking of Fake Beatles- this is probably the most outlandish one I can think of

Anyone got a copy?

Colin the Culture Hunter

Oh try youtube

J Lemmon was the writer ? Hmmmmm

Listener Bob

Wow, a blast from the past...I remember seeing them on the sidewalk near Lincoln Center in the '80's. They drew quite a crowd & sounded remarkable! Any word on what's become of them?


Thanks for the post. They are terrific!

Manny Cortez

Hi All this is Manny Cortez from the former band Street The Beat.
You can find songs that I have posted on
Also mannyandthemob

Aston Coles

Hi there Gaylord Fields, I wonder if you've seen or heard that inter-dimensional Beatles record on ?
Fascinating unreleased Beatles record called "everyday chemistry".
Possibly a new high in Fake Beatles records. Or is it?

Best regards, Aston Coles


Hey, what do you think of ABBA telling tribute bands they must change their names:

Will this happen to Beatles tribute bands?

Bruce Eder

I was at the Folk City gig, reviewing it, in fact -- they were great. And I'd seen them playing around Sheridan Square also. Amazing band.


My band, Animation, played a gig with Street The Beat at Kenny's Castaways in late 1983. I think we may have shared drum kits as Street The Beat was trying to make the transition from busking to playing in clubs. We had a great time playing our sets and hanging out at the bar. Last year Jay Gonzalez, the keyboardist from Drive By Truckers, found out I played a gig with Street The Beat. He was excited. In the eighties, when he was a youngster just discovering The Beatles, he heard about Street The Beat and their story inspired him to write pop songs.

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