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January 16, 2010



Sounds like "the LAKE" station from Buffalo.

Larry In Seattle

Take THAT Clear Channel...


wait whuuuuutt?

Oran Kelley

What do you mean by "freeform?" The station bills itself as "non-stop rock."

That sounds like a format to me.


Did anyone else read this as Thank God for xkcd? lol.

Listener Coolie

Well, in KCDX's case it COULD be, to some extent, a is indeed rock and, save for maybe ten seconds of ID, more or less non-stop. But a) there's the periodic call sign announcement much like FMU and b) how many FM terrestrials have you heard that get on their "non-stop" or "thirty minutes commercial free classics" kick then totally bullshit you with twenty minutes of ads?

KCDX is an extremely unusual commercially licensed station, so certainly could be running advertising. The owner, Ted Tucker, has a history of building, moving and technically upgrading broadcast properties for profit. He has previously used the commercial-free format as a 'placeholder' on his stations until they're fully upgraded and sold. Meanwhile, Tucker's got lots of happy fans. However, KCDX has been doing this for some years now, and all bets are off as to the real intent.

Ed Walker

KCDX is on the web and sounds very nice. Another web gem is a station out of Michigan: - very nice selection with stuff you don't hear too often.

Mark Iverson

I just discovered this one in Seattle - oldies from 60's/70's, less "classic rock", but still a really good selection. It's 104.5 FM, KMCQ ( They don't seem to be streaming online, but if yr in the Seattle area, I'll take it over the self-important "alternative" KEXP any day. Like KCDX, they only play occasional station id's. How do these guys pay the bills?

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