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January 28, 2010


How could you leave out AACM??


i think phil cohran was still an aacm member in '69. so that might be covered.
but nothing produced or performed by curtis mayfield?


download limit exceeded. any other way of hearing this?

Michael Slaboch

Sorry about the download limit snafu everyone. I will post it again this evening on a more stable site.

Glenn Toddun

What a fantastic document of the musical life of a city. I hope to be able to hear it someday. ^_^

Michael Slaboch

It's back up again!

Doug Schulkind

Chicago has a Cultural Historian? Nice.

Tim B

It doesn't seem like there is any Polka Music. Chicago is famous for the Chicago Push style of polka music. Perhaps some Versatones?


Hey Michael, looks like it's back down again... looks fantastic! can't wait to parooz the songs!

The Numero Group

Alright, due too overwhelming demand I've uploaded it again. Enjoy!

Aaron White

This is amazing, compulsive listening. I'm going to have to hunt down more, lots more, of these folks. Thanks so much!


and it's down again, so sad

stephen pomes

The site is down again. :-(

stephen pomes

I'm glad to see you've posted the links, but part 4 is not available.


No Silas Leachman? He WAS the Chicago recording industry for much of the 1890s.

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