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January 25, 2010



Tt's the ringing left in the Beatles' ears after they've been beaten savagely by someone in a steroid rage.


Isn't there a little lexicon of phrases that are seen nearly exclusively in rock reviews? I remember reading the Rolling Stone Record Guide as a kid and noticing that while there were some generally uncommon adjectives that were profusely overused.
It makes me so annoyed I feel like I took steroids, of which each indivudual syringe was also on steroids appropriate to syringes full of steroids.


Well, the Beatles were already ON all the GOOD drugs!


and those steroids in turn are also on steroids. But the steroids that this third set of steroids are on
are just chilling out on the sofa watching Magical Mystery Tour and drinking a glass of milk. The milk, however, contains steroids. But those are cow steroids which won't work on beatle steroids and will just get peed out.

Brian Turner

With Animal from the Muppets on Drums

Andy Lester

Isn't there a little lexicon of phrases that are seen nearly exclusively in rock reviews?

We can start a few right here:
* More hooks than a tackle box
* [x] is worth the price of admission alone

just john

I've always described Sloan as Canada's well thought-out answer to the Beatles.

And regarding steroids: Sure steroids, but are they steroids FROM HELL? From Hell ON ACID?


About as original as a movie reviewer saying an actor's portrayal was "pitch perfect." If I ever hear "pitch perfect" outside of a reference to pitch again, I may run amok.

And justjohn, you beat me to it re: your "ON ACID" comment. Was it the '90s when every album/TV show/film was "(something) on acid"? Ugh.


if for any reason Animal can't make it, the French Captain Caveman is a substellar, if capable, stalwart with a soupcon of new licks understudy:


But the Beatles _were_ on acid. They were _not_ on steroids. I'm confused. Does the combination have some hitherto unknown synergistic effect?


I have an old clipping that referred to The Beatles as "Gerry and the Pacemakers on steroids," but I just can't seem to put my hands on it.


that's the deal with "x on $drug" comparisons: it's always something the band was not known for taking. " Motorhead on birth-control pills." Maybe there's still room for "The Beatles on Robotussin."


Back when I used to actually read music reviews (geez maybe 15 years ago) one of the phrases I used to hear a lot was "swirling guitars". What are swirling guitars? Does Kiss really have anything in common with The Beatles? Maybe Beth , or whatever that crappy ballad was, actually has some melody to it. If you took away the steroids from Kiss what would be left?

just john


Let's see if I can remember this Peanuts comic correctly.

Schroeder sings a note and hits a piano key, which plays a note. He goes to Charlie Brown, who's watching TV.

Schroeder: I've got perfect pitch!

Charlie Brown: You mean A perfect pitch. And who cares? Baseball season is months away.

Schroeder stomps away.

Schroeder: Sometimes I feel like putting in a transfer to another comic strip.


People don't realize how serious Schroeder was about going to Miss Peach. In fact Schulz was going to bring in Vince Guaraldi, who he had already been working with, as a replacement. This was before Schulz was tapped to appear on Hogan's Heroes and Mel Lazarus rose from the dead to pinch-draw for him under the same name.


and the kicker was that Mel Lazarus was not even dead. Boy, some people will believe anything.


I love this post!

Abe Normal

That guitar/vocalist is just awful.


I always thought Kiss sounded more like The Beatles on human growth hormone.

HGH Supplements

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Singer/guitarist Parthenon Huxley, aka P. Hux, is “rock’s most underrated pop genius” according to the L.A. Weekly. Inspired as a kid by the British Invasion, Huxley’s melodies are ridiculously catchy. Think Beatles On Steroids: great songs, insane hooks, smoky vocals, and lyrics good enough to recite to your friends.—Publicity page for P. Hux

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