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January 28, 2010



Sov Gott Rose Marie was recorded in '67 - can it be contended that the Swedes invented Krautrock?


Couldnt you find any mp3s of their music?

Brian Turner

I'm sure I could, but I preferred to post a video, which included their music. That's just me.

has a download store link, they're a great label who deserve your support for archiving such fine music, and I wouldnt be comfortable putting up something without their OK.


Psych is right--I feel engulfed by the dreams of the players, partly due to xceptional filming and editing.
Great post, Brian, thanks.


I have no idea what any of thats says on that link oh well, i wasn't that into it.


Yes. I totally got into International Harvester et al. several years ago because of you guys.

Craig Oliver

Brian, great post. I made a new friend over the weekend originally from Sweden; he knows Trad Gras well (and I guess knows one of the guys personally) but had no idea about International Harvester and Harvester, so I sent this his way. Also, I'm finally sending you some records. Keep up the great work.

craig/volar records

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