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January 17, 2010



Great article Kliph. Informative and engaging. Good work.


"Westbrook Paper" mentioned in one of Paar's monologues is most assuredly Westbrook Pegler, a well-known conservative Hearst syndicate columnist of the era.

Listener Kliph

That makes infinitely more sense.


gold again

great article, but what the heck is "a six pointed Morgen David"?

Sorry I should have included smiley with that last comment :-)

Kliph, your stuff is some of the best on this blog. Thanks for the exhaustive research.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.

One of the best essays I've read in a good while. Top notch, old sock.

Pedro G

Fantastic piece of writing and research.

Here's THE Leno clip that will live in infamy:

Letterman and Conan are innovators like Allen, Parr, Carson and yes, Jerry Lewis.

Jay Leno is a hack and corporate whore. Nothing more.


also spelt "Magen David": the traditional Jewish Star of David symbol.

excellent piece, sir.


Bill Hicks had Leno figured out long ago.....


I really enjoyed reading this, Kliph. Wonderful essay.

Mel Melman

Great article. But I believe that's Phil Foster, not Phil Baker. Foster was a stand-up at the time and later played Laverne's father on "Laverne and Shirley".

Listener Kliph

Huge, huge oversight on my part - don't know where my head was at. Thanks Mel.


Wonderful, Kliph, as always.


very well done, thank you!


Bill Hicks got what he deserved. I hope his death was painful.

Texas Prairie Chicken

Bill Hicks will always be remembered fondly. You, Jim, will be remembered for ... oh, who am I kidding? No one is gonna remember you.

Great job, Kliph. Amazing, insightful article.

Randy Masters

What a fantastic article!!! Very informative!


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Mike Sin

This article is an awesome piece of work. Completely fascinating!


What a great article. This is what the Internet should be.


Audio of Parr's censored joke is here:

It's amazing to me that this was considered risque.

Michel Michel

Great article. Kudos !

As a life long student of comedy (and I'm 48) this was so valuable to me.
Thank you for all the attention to detail in this piece. This story was very important to me.


You forgot Ernie Kovacs.

Steve Allen couldn't sustain his work on the Tonight Show before he left it -- Kovacs worked Monday and Tuesday, and Allen the remaining three days:

Do you wanna act like some NBC Vice President stooge? Didn't think so....

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