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January 27, 2010


Sister Hairy Hymen

where is the link for the armstrong album? I clicked on the links everything else but/

Sister Hairy Hymen

Never mind I found its hidden well and there is also a password required. fucksarko Im not sure If I should post it here but there it is.

Doug Schulkind

For anyone else stymied by the Armstrong link: Click on the word "amen" in the first comment.

Murray the Quay

If you like this Armstrong material, hunt down the spectacular 4 CD set "The Complete Decca Studio Master Takes, 1935-1939." Everything on it is a treasure, but there are several spoken word satire tracks in which Armstrong plays a character called "Elder Eatmore." The two tracks are "Elder Eatmore's Sermon on throwing Stones" and "Elder Eatmore's Sermon on Generosity." Surely these were examples of Louis riffing on African-American comic story telling traditions. Just brilliant stuff—like a cross between Chaucer's anti-clerical satires and a Redd Foxx routine.


Here's my latest

Exceptionally good even for this excellent African music blog

Shades of Syd Barret or Alastair Galbraith

And, of course, the shameless plug for my stuff.
(also on the FMA)


Does anyone have the "Buried Country: Original Film Soundtrack" that used to be on the Uncle Gil's blog (linked from MtAM)? It was removed, probably for copyright, yet isn't for sale anywhere on the informacion superautopista (I looked and would gladly purchase). Anyone up for a trade or good graces? Gracias.


No Donnie and Joe Emerson Dreamin' Wild album damn i had my fingers crossed.


Is the great music blog El Diablo Tun Tun no more?
If so, damn!

Doug Schulkind

It sure looks like El Diablo is gone. What a loss.

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