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January 09, 2010


Michael J.

I would have possibly been interested in a BDP pendrive if it wasn't just one gigabite.. and in the shape of a gun! Makes me sad. Did KRS-One sign off on this? I realize he has posed with guns before, but there was more of a political vibe to it. This reeks of just more tired gangsta posing. I thought BDP's message would be to be above that, blah.

Anyways, great list, Noah.


Actually, this USB is of Boogie Down Productions FIRST album, before KRS was as "political" as he became. Scott La Rock was also ALL about guns and chains! And let's not forget, Criminal MInded was one of the first real gangster rap albums. So no need to be sad, Kris is human and has constantly contradicted himself over the years, but this was the first one, and the best one!


Awesome list, Noah. A great round-up of the year's top releases.

I was really impressed by all the producer albums that came out in '09. Beat Konducta, Jay $tay Paid, a couple of gems from Oh No, Dam-Funk comp....

But for me, the Jello album will remain the album of 2009.

More blog posts please!


great selection!
thank you Noah!

Josh Korwin

Great as always, Noah!


Oh man I want the USB Gun, that rules. Great, well rounded list.
I miss your FM SHOW!

Michael S.

I learned about the Will C. record from your show actually, really got to love the "Losers" tracks he did. One of my favorite albums now too. The rest of the list is great as well, I NEED NEED that BDP gun, looks tight!
Thanks again for hippin' us less hip folks about amazing rap that you don't hear on the radio, and WHEN THE HELL ARE YOU COMIN' BACK ON THE AIR???!!!!!!!


Actually KRS-ONE couldnt sign off on that USB-gun project, since he lost the rights (or perhaps never actually owned them) to his B-Boy Records releases, which is that album plus some random singles/remixes.

Someone should make a blog devoted to all the hand-stamped Edan LP covers-- there seem to be lots of different covers with lots of different variations, though all based on the same 3 or 4 stamps.


Great list! When you coming back?!

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