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January 11, 2010



Two points. First, blind people have lots of porn. Playboy, Hustler, and Penthouse all provide Braille editions, and there are plenty of full length hardcore porn videos provided with voiceovers. Second, not all blind people have been blind from birth. Some of them know what colors are.

Pretty funny site, though.


Yeah this was a pretty good bit 8 track porno.


Not only does William Berger sound hot, he sure is. Meeeeowww.

DJ ManRich

The poor sound quality only adds to the tasty irony of the content.
You know these are going to turn up in some kind of music project, don't you?


This is better than my idea, which was abstract impressionism for the impotent.


oops that should say exppressionism


A blind mans penis, is erect because he's blind. It's erect, because he is blind.

Dale Hazelton

Kenny G with Bolero as accompaniment would be da' bomb.


went ahead and made pftb my homepage. don't really know how to thank you for that one.

Voip System

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