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January 24, 2010



Its funny because the hippy and the dog are too dumb to know a fake scrappy doo when they see one. I'm sure glad I know, try as they might they can't fool me into forgetting that. In fact I think the dog was expecting to see members of the Raelian cult. Stupid dog.


Well I should give Scooby his due. He did teach me all I know regarding the color of cows on a moonless
midnight in an unlit barn, as well as educating me as to the name of the greatest baseball player of all time,
the thing on top of a house and the texture of sandpaper


Destroying one's instruments is such a cliche.

In other Scooby news...I remember seeing a special hour-long episode of Scooby-Doo featuring Mama Cass. It was about 58 minutes too long, with Cass and the gang doing an absurd amount of running. I can't help but wonder if she'd still be with us if she had done such calorie-burning ghost hunting in real life.


Hmmm... Scooby is scared of the punk but not scared of the fireworks at the start of the show?

Roger Masters

"Runk Rock?"

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