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January 07, 2010


Brian Turner

This is exactly what I needed to read today.


Nice interview. Thanks, Tony.

DJ ManRich

Fascinating story. Having grown up (weird) in Portland, my first dim awareness of 'punk' was seeing the word Smegma spray painted around town in the late 70's.
The current, perhaps false, post-schism incarnation of Smegma played live on the air at KBOO during the controversial 101 Hours of Surrealism and Dada marathon, held in the summer of 2008. The improvised a soundtrack to a series of historical Avant-Garde films, which were simulcast live on a local public access cable channel.
It was quite a scene. Lots of burbling and warbling of multiple samplers and bizarre stringed instruments.


Curiously enough, the other nite on over-the-air channel 16-2 ( if you're gonna do portland, it's CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP ) there was an ad for something called "Smegma Recording Studios". Any relation or influence from this band?

Also: the wife and I often wonder, when trawling the town, "Where the hell is everyone?". Well now we know. Yesterday, we dropped by the Goodwill Superstore. Damn. It was like a rock concert was going on. The parking lot was JAMMED. Mind you, the PDX pop fest didn't jam a parking lot. But Goodwill on a thursday afternoon? Like Bowie was touring with Mick Ronson again. Roughly the same crowd.


Awesumb! Smegma's newest recordings on Hanson, Resipiscent, and BOC are nuts. One thing to act insane, quite another to...


RE: 16.2.
Smegma Studios is run by Mike Lastra, who I believe is/was (depending who you talk to) a Smegma member.
Lastra also made the film about the PDX punk scene called Northwest Passage. It's got tons of late-seventies/early eighties punk footage. You can even get it on Netflix!

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