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January 18, 2010


Ruben Hecht

hey, I hope you know the wonderful "the heart of the world" short movie by guy maddin!
it's fantastic - music, pictures, everything

Ricky Grove

I've been a fan of Guy Maddin's work since "Tales of the Gimli Hospital". Since I love Sparklehorse, too, this was a treat. Thank you for the link. Also, I highly recommend Maddin's latest, "My Winnipeg" which features a remarkable final performance by Anne Savage. Maddin's short films are pretty amazing, too.


My favorite of Maddin's work is the first I saw (at Seattle's SIFF) "The Saddest Music in the World."


May this man never have trouble finding funds for his next project.


Outstanding, thank you.
I've been a fan of Guy Maddin for 20 years. Please, everybody, see "Careful" from 1992--the best, the funniest, and most disturbing. Canada's David Lynch.


Guy Maddin's Mexican wrestling short was included in the DVD of The Believer's "Rhathymia" issue (12/04-01/05).

spencer drew bogart

glad to hear that you've seen your first guy maddin movie -- Brand Upon the Brain is certainly a great place to start! i don't mean to burst your bubble, but this isn't the genuine video produced and included with the sonic cinema program (i'm pretty sure it wasn't even made by the real maddin). the actual clip that originally aired on sundance is infinitely better. please see for yourself:

joe arcidiacono

I found another one from the same series.

What a shame to lose Mark.


I wish I could find a copy of the entire broadcast of that episode of Sonic Cinema that featured nothing but Sparklehorse. I should have taped it. Blarg!

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