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January 06, 2010



King Khan came out last year.


Wait that was actually 2007 dude.

Terre T

Hi "Me",
The King Khan album "What Is?!" came out here in the USA in April 2009. It originally was released in 2007 in Germany on the rather eclectic Hazelwood label/recording studio (most of the other artists on that label do not sound anything remotely like King Khan...or each other.) Thus having no "presence" here ( nevermind worldwide), i consider it a 2009 release. But sure, I *could* have put this release in the Best REISSUES in 2009 section. Either which way it's merits being a Top Best Fave of mine!

Dr. Mistake

I snubbed King Kahn last week. Then I realised it was King Khan and then it was too awkward to ask for an autograph.

Rock star regrets. Rockgrets.

True story.


Really dig the home blitz album


So when did The Supreme Genius of King Khan and the Shrines come out?

Rich Seymour

Saw the Choke out here in LA... great live band. Just what I like. I need to listen to WFMU more... love you Terre T!!!

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