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January 10, 2010


Dwight Casey



Abe Burrows was distantly related to Woody Allen; Woody's uncle was married to one of Abe's aunts or some such (according to the 1990s Eric Lax Allen bio)...


The sound is a lot more listenable if you sum the 2 tracks to mono - quite a bit of the rumble is cancelled.


hey you can make photoshop make your composites, it's called automate>photomerge, and it's usally works quite good

Martin Gumucio

Fantastic, thanks!

Julian P Stubbins

I had this album (actually my older sister had it)when it first came out and I managed to get a copy a few years later. It got lost over the years. I would dearly love to have a copy to give to my sister for her 80th birthday.


John Fields

Thank you!, Bob Purse, Thank you! In a terrible moment of inept thinking and garbled directions, I had my sons clean out my storage locker, without supervision. Out went my collection of 78 RPM shellac records, forever crushed and buried in the Agoura Hills landfill. One of the most hurtful losses was Abe Burrows' "The Girl With Three Blue Eyes" album. Never again would I hear Abe's Brooklynese baritone intoning Three Blue Eyes, Ron-Ron-Ron, Pansy In My Garden, or my favorite, "you forgot what they learned you at UCLA", Tokyo Rose. Now my sadness is over! Once again I marvel and laugh at Abe's brilliant sense of humor, musicality, and on-target commentary. Thanks to WMFU and Bob Purse.

J F Fields

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