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January 15, 2010



One of the best songwriters in the country.


Cindy tells me, the rich boys are weeping,
Cindy tells me, they've given up sleeping alone,
And now they're so confused by their new freedoms.

Lizardner Dave

Well, Pop Jew was Andy Breckman's air name in 1996 and he has perfect musical taste. It's been proven scientifically.


What's an insipid scenester poster?


Incidentally, while that video is not great, the song is, regardless of whether it references "Cindy Tells Me" or not. What a bunch of curmudgeons.

Samuel Westerfeld

That track name sounds awfully like the song name Bob Pollard came up with in Watch Me Jumpstart, the GBV documentary. (He named it "Living and Dying in the LA Lounge" while they were passing a place called "The LA Lounge")


Oh, I didn't think the song was bad at all. Just ironic that in all of PopJews flailing about he didn't actually mention Eno. All the tracks sound heavily influenced by 70's era Eno, specifically "Here Come the Warm Jets". Band might do well $$$ to make that connection explicit.

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