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February 04, 2010


Ool Schpeygah

Awesome artwork by Ben.

And glad to see Aleitha get tipped, Tony. I love their covers of John Denver songs, too.


Ticket to Ride is Mamas and Papas after the chorus starts singing -- Karen Carpenter till that point!!!

r4 dsi

I like most the portrait of love! its just fall me in memories of school and unforgotten friends.


hehe.thanks for your share.
it is very good!


Hey there! I'm one of the Master's Musicians, who made the album you reviewed "Who Will Turn the Key". We were a church youth group turned Xian rock group and all of the musicians in that group, including me, were high school students when we recorded that. We did the album for our friends and family and never expected it to end up on the internet! What a trip. We just found your review here on Dustbin by accident, and are so tickled to hear your thoughts about Thanks for the interesting comments about our work! I was the soloist on the song you feature "If Only".
Thanks for making my/our day with your review!

Tony Coulter

Great to hear from you, Linnea! I'm glad you found the blog....


Guess the news is spreading through the group, aka Master's Musicians. Just checked out the blog and review of Who Will Turn the Key. I was one of the background vocals. We were a group of kids with big hearts wanting to share our love for the Lord. We did church concerts at many of our sister churches and other venues. It was a great time. Members of the Master's Musicians wrote all the music and lyrics to the songs on this album. The group kept us grounded and we supported each other through those rough teenage years. Thanks for dusting us off and selecting two songs to share with your audience - great picks.

Dan Murphy

Hi Tony, I co-wrote Hoovite Landing with Bob Powers (hes the one singing, I'm the one playing guitar and synth). The group consisted of: Bob Powers, Dan Murphy, Wayne Haynes, Klaus Bleisch, Randy Robinson, and Mike Reeves. We were located in the Cincinnati area and recorded that song at 5th Floor studios with Jim Krause engineering (on a Saturday afternoon). Its very cool of you to post it on the site! Thanks so much...Dan Murphy

Ken Luebbert

My friend Dan Murphy is being modest. Apocalypse wrote and recorded many other songs in the basement of one of the band members homes, but this was, unfortunately, before it was so easy to record and spit out CD's from your home computer. As such, none were released commercially, but band members and friends have tapes that, when listened to, bring back fond memories. However, Dan's 4 track basement recording studio blossomed into Group Effort Sound Studios, in Crescent Springs, Kentucky, near the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Airport. Check them out.

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