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February 18, 2010



Hey. Great post. I love the german culture and the art is breathtaking. You've made my morning =)

free rock city !

these are amaZing!
oh, but for a sec i thought you were asking if they were "art??"
Yes, i cried aloud, yes.
Then felt rather foolish, once i discovered maestro B. Reid - i sure hope he's got some sweet-ass MURALS in some suburban Northwest town, or somewheres - Hoo,wee!
Thanks for posting, & i hope you enjoyed that How To Dance, cuz it might be as good on the in-side as out!

(((GooD FiNDS)))


Cool post. I'd like to hear that whole Nafiri Tuhan LP

Bill the Splut

The Nafiri Tuhan track's tune is stolen from Herb Alpert's "So What's New?" Which, as a life-long TJB fan, I declare AWESOME.

Bill the Splut

...And it's also awesome that those Jesus people stole it! I'm pretty sure that there's nothing in the Bible against THAT!


I have a couple of those RE-JAK-IT replacement covers (never seen the "classical" one), that Robins Electronic one takes the cake thought-- it's better than most regular album covers.


Where did you find the thoroughly intriguing/mysterious/soothing/beautiful One of You?
I would like to have that.....

Tony Coulter

Mr.H: Wish I could tell you where to find copies of those great One of You singles. I bought them from someone who had only one copy of each, which he'd had since the '80s, in his own private collection. Hope to some day find out more about the band, and perhaps get in touch with them -- but for now, eBay and the like are all I can recommend.....


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