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February 01, 2010



Had no idea Devo was formed so early. Thanks for posting this.

Here's a band several years ahead of their time. Not surprisingly, the audience showed little interest their act.

Rich Anderson

That's actually taken off of "The Complete Truth About De-Evolution" DVD/Laserdisc. The entire show was filmed, and shown at DEVOtional 2007. That lineup, the Sextet Devo, only performed once.


Looks like Mark is playing Mr. Jingeling's theme "Keeper of the Keys". Jingeling was a holiday tradition in the region around Cleveland/Akron, Ohio. Mr. Jingeling was originally sponsored by Halle's, a local department store. He served as the store's holiday season spokesman on television and also acted as Santa's representative in the store. A grown man elf is creepy, and the theme song scares the crap out of me.


This is unrelated to the video, but IS related to DEVO: There's a song on one of the old cassettes my brother sent me from his college radio station back in the 80s that sounds exactly like DEVO (drums, vocals, wow!). The lyrics include the following phrases, "Dust no rust . . . West, must be west." Can any of you DEVOtees shed some light on this tune for me? Could it be by some other band including several DEVO members? I'd love to find and purchase the original. Help! And thanks!


Jim Newberry

If I may nitpick: I don't see any VHS artifacts in that clip. That's how video looked in 1973 (unless you had gigantic, hugely expensive studio cameras). You recorded on video reel to reel decks:


To Grace...that song is Devo singing with Neil Young on the movie "Human Highway"


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