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February 24, 2010



No kidding. I just saw that episode, but didn't know they were actually musicians...


Remember when The Locust and Scott Beiben were on Springer?


Not surprising. Warhol once said everyone will get their 15 minutes of fame, but this has been realized in a different way-- now EVERYBODY is in a band, or is a solo musician of some kind, so it's inevitable that a band will be on some half-assed "reality" show.

I saw Bill Frisell on "This Old House" several years ago, that was kinda surprising then, but not anymore.


How do you know the story isn't true?


Jim - some mutual friends. Apparently one of the Judy producers suggested that Jonathan actually acknowledge that he killed the cat in court so that the show would be more interesting. Not sure exactly about whats going on with that. But Narwalz and Shams are not gay lovers: fact.

Vic P

sort of related:

Way back in the early 90s somebody told me that members of the Butthole Surfers had appeared on The People's Court as defendants in a trivial dispute, and repeated their band name at every opportunity. IS THIS TRUE?

Sean Murphy

Vic - Don't know about the Butthole Surfers, but the Surf Punks were on The People's Court. They were being sued over a merchandise dispute. The plaintiff claimed they were giving away t-shirts for free when they should've been selling them and giving him his cut. They seemed totally unfazed by losing the case and even offered Doug Llewelyn a free shirt during the post-verdict interview.

This reminds me of a few other, more personal court show experiences -

A guy named Lenny, one of Tucson's first hardcore punks, ended up playing one third of a lover's triangle on Jerry Springer. The acting was so unconvincing the segment didn't even run the whole show. Everyone looked high and on the verge of cracking up as they tried to repeat obviously coached dialogue. And it wasn't even a punk scare piece.

Years ago I heard a familiar voice coming from the television in the other room and walked in to see my cousin on People's Court. I think she had modeling/acting aspirations and figured any exposure was good exposure. Didn't pan out.

A guy I worked with broke up with his fiance. She turned around and tried to sue him for expenses. He got a letter from the Judge Judy show - basically a contract where they promised him a certain amount of money up front if they could humiliate the fuck out of him on National TV. He wisely declined.

I'm beginning to feel those of us not on "reality" shows will soon be outnumbered.


I saw that episode-thought the girl was really cute. In the show credits it says that people are paid and any damages will be deducted from those moneys. I always wonder if people file frivolous suits just to get on TV and make a couple of dollars (as well as airfare and a night in a nice hotel maybe?).


destroy. williamsburg. now.


Someone needs to take that chubby, smarmy fuck with the glasses into an alley with a bat and show him how much fun smashin' stuff really can be.

Mark from Pompton Plains

I knew Kate Levitt briefly while attending (and then visiting) Marlboro College. You just never know who'll pop up in randomass ways. Plus I'd heard about her being on Judge Judy from some other Marlboro friends of mine, and then the video appears here on BOTB because she's in a band. Fuckin weird. Somehow, though, this makes sense.


Not everyone you don't like is from Williamsburg. I believe they're from Baltimore and Virginia.


Can we still destroy williamsburg anyway?


Re: Sean Murphy's comment..."I'm beginning to feel those of us not on "reality" shows will soon be outnumbered."

Kind of like a zombie movie.

By the way, are you Sean Murphy of The Bad Cassettes? If so, I met you once in Slavic Village.

Sean Murphy

AKInCLE - Sorry, not that Sean Murphy. The bad cassettes I'm responsible for were all put out by Tucson garage bands in the early 80's.



I love SHAMS and Narwhalz (of sound) <3
Teeth Mountain is gr8 2.

marty mcsorley

few days later they did a show at death by audio. they continued the fight. it was funny just wish they would have played for more than 8 min before knocking everything over and shit.


Judge Judy totally made up ? Next you will be telling me that WWWF is not real either ?

wisdom teeth extraction

The witnesses are Andrew Burt from Teeth Mountain and Narwhalz, who unfortunately doesn't speak much in court but who distinctly refers to Judy as "Mama".

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