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February 21, 2010


DJ ManRich

I love any crappy representation of counterculture (geez! Do we even have one of those, nowadays?) in mainstream media, be it beatnik, then hippie, and finally punk. I love (although it irritated me at the time) bad, 70's representations of punk, like that Jughead Goes Punk issue, Quincy, CHIPS, etc. I don't know if anyone ever did shitty takes on Grunge, but I imagine they did. The counterculture gets assimilated so rapidly by the herd these days, so it may not have weathered the cycle long enough.
Hard to say.


How many beatniks were really around during the fifties? Were cartoonists disproportionatley exposed to them?

the beatniks on the 1960 Spiderman cartoon where the best

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