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February 24, 2010



thought this one might be fun for you:


That Mississippi Records comp is fantastic. Have you seen this link to a bunch of comp tapes sold only at the M. Records store in Portland (I think that's the story behind them)...


I have that N. Krishan LP-- played it to death when I got it, just seemed to hit the right spot at that time in my life.

Sister Hairy Hymen

John Gordon was a hero of mine when I was groing up, I played trombone, the man had a set of chops. I had this album for many years but had my stuff stolen bacxk in 81 when I was living in Syaracuse New York. Eventualy I got most of the stuff back but my record collection was never recovered. Thankx made my day

Sister Hairy Hymen

Has anyone besides me had a problem with the pass word for the tuvian singers. I cant get the password to work.

Doug Schulkind

I am using a Mac with the Safari browser, so I don't know if the following approach—which worked for me—will work with other set-ups:

1) Download the file via Rapidshare
2) Right-click (or control-click) on the zip file on your desktop
3) Open with Stuffit Expander (UnRarx, which I usually use doesn't work here)
4) Enter the password "" in the space when prompted.

This worked for me. Good luck!

Sister Hairy Hymen

Yeah it worked thanks. I use winzip and never had a problem
I found out that cut and paste only works if you cut and paste the right password whicj I did from your post.. Im a computer IDIOT.

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