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February 13, 2010


Steve Barton, Listener #14366

What RAQUEL REED said.

Doug in DFW

Here's my new favorite DFW commenter. Meet furry

furry play's devil's advocate in Loved ones of school bus victim grieve, seek answers & takes it to another level in Grand Prairie man convicted...

"It's disgusting to think that this man capitalized on these girls."

Now some furry poetry

In honor of the assault victims listed here, un-named, who will read this report over and over in their minds and link it to their emails and go back and read it again years later, in honor of you and all assault victims who are helplessly drawn to stories like these, I invite you to join my facebook group called "Not Ashamed- Speak Out"
And I dedicate one of my discussion group poetry entries to you.
... called "If Sex Equals Power"

IF SEX EQUALS POWER- (in honor of victims)
"Sex equals power. Women who possess sex, possess power. Women who show it off in Hollywood, highly paid actresses in Hollywood. And singers,too.
Singers these days aren't even considered legit anymore unless they strip to a teddy and dance their sex away.
And oh, how much society will pay for women's sex. So, so much.

Which makes it even more clear what a monumental robbery, to steal sex from a woman, to rob her of her right to use this power to her advantage. To render her powerless.

Today consider, when looking at grocery store magazines, where would those people get paid from if sex didn't equal money/power. Where would the ladies with the beautiful cleavages on the covers of the magazine, how would they get paid if sex didn't give them a right to money. How would they pay for their homes and their cars.

And how much more valuable a wife is to be able to provide sex to her husband.
And then someone takes it away. Like a hundred thousand dollars.
Or maybe the sanctity that bids its right unto the husband is priceless.
And to come between.
And maybe every woman has a little piece of heaven in them to offer to their husband, (if not now then whenever they're married),
and to grab that from a woman,
throw it on the ground and stop on it
devalue her sex price to $0
less than

If sex equals power
Then rape is highway robbery


Listener Coolie

Oh, THAT is just BOSS, Doug...THANK YOU!!!!




Very nice.

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