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February 11, 2010



Quite possibly the greatest thing I have stumbled across as of late on the internet(s).




In 1986 I released a cassette compilation with 12 minute long SMERSH tracl called Louisiana Chill. You can download it here


wow zeromoon, thanks for sharing that! I'm listening to the f/i off the "Raped by Valentines Day" compilation right now...will be emailing you about getting some of this on the FMA


incredible!!! check out Undergroundedful's Youtube channel for Smersh and LOTS of other WFMU-style ultra-obscurities... the FMA just got even more amazing!

Ray Zinnbrazen

If I remeber correctly, Smersh's WFMU appearance was on William Berger's Hip Bone show. If I remember correctly, I was an in-studio witness to this affair. If I remember correctly, Mr. Berger was not in a very good mood after the show. That's about all I remember.


CBC's now-late show was called Brave New Waves, not Brand. I should know, since that show changed my life.

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