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February 15, 2010



I haven't heard it but no matter how good their music is, anyone with a myspace page deserves it.


Can't seem to find any more info on this... I wonder what they did, moon the audience or something? (Hardly deserving of 5-15.)

Of course Arizona is pretty weird, what with a bigot for a state sherrif (from what I heard...)


alleged possession of a controlled substance, but I'm not sure what kind


I'm guessing it's illegal drugs.


Had to be yay or meth to get that kind of a sentence. Taking your chances in Arizona. They don't really fuck around.


They must've had a LOT of it to get 5-15 for it...


Cocaine. Half Pound. Goodnite.

Diamond Dave

2 and a half years in the Arizona State Pen. Bye Bye.

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