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February 14, 2010



The column Earl Wilson On Gay Broadway

Insert joke here.

Listener #109577

Holy crap, this post is so great that I cannot simply browse-and-dump, so I'm printing it out as a PDF for complete perusal. I will keep it in mind during the pledge drive. Thank you.

Turko the Hammer Psycho

a post of this caliber, I knew it was Kliph before I got anywhere near the bottom. More fine work.


"All three of Woody's records were re-released as one well-known double LP in 1978, called Woody Allen - Stand Up Comic. "

Wasn't there edits made to the original albums for this release? I keep waiting for someone to post the full versions somewhere on the internet...


Great article, a lot of amazing stuff in here. One correction: in that first note, I believe you've given James Burrows some of James L. Brooks credits (produced the Simpsons, created Taxi).


Phew - that was one heckuvva post. Cheers!

Murray the Quay

OK, it's not Woody on a treadmill, but 'twill serve:

Robot Monkey

Outstanding. Thank you for sharing this. I took me a while to get through because I had to keep going to YOU TUBE to watch all these un-before-seen clips.


This post is amazing. A treasure trove of information!

Gilad Foss

This is a fantastic post. I'm a comedian and absolutely swear by Woody's recorded stand-up-- comedy just doesn't get any better. If you want to see a short video of me as the young Woody Allen in front of a live audience, please enjoy this link:



If you would like to see a short video of me as the young Woody Allen please shoot me in the head first.

ron salomon

It's the middle of the night here and I don't feel like roaming through the basement for confirmation but my mind is telling me that first Woody Allen Colpix release I have has a big round orange sticker on it that says "second pressing" and I would swear Woody is spelled correctly on the jacket spine. Also, I am pretty sure that third album [I have the first two but could never find the third] was only ever released on Capitol and I am pretty sure the two-record set [I believe on Capitol] [which I don't have] must have been edited down to fit onto four sides so I never bothered buying it because I kept looking for the third album to get all of its contents. These are the only nits I can pick on this absolutely fabulous posting.

Listener Kliph

Ron you could very well be right, i don't have copies in front of me either - although i do have access to all 3 at the CBC. One book said LP 3 was on Colpix and another said it was on Capitol - i went with Colpix. The 'Woddy' bit is mentioned in John Baxter's book. And yes, the A&M re-issue of the records is a scaled down reissue of the originals.

Martin Fenton

The Colpix albums, of which at least the first was licensed by and issued on Pye here in the UK, were available in the late 1980s on EMI as a double CD, "Woody Allen - The Nightclub Years." I believe these used the re-edited A&M tapes as there is material on my Pye LP missing on the EMI CD.

Michael Powers

Kliph, that was fantastic. When I read your columns (I won't refer to them as "blogs"), I can't believe some of the things I learn about topics with which I'm most familiar. I can't get over Allen boxing the kangaroo. I used to hang out with Enrico Banducci, ex-owner of the "hungry i," and he told me about Allen "going up" on his act on his opening night because of the quietude of the audience, since Allen was accustomed to the boisterous Bitter End and Banducci wouldn't even allow drinks to be ordered during an act lest it distract the entertainer. Banducci said he had to lead Allen off the stage because the young comic had simply forgotten what to do. Allen was on a double bill with Streisand that night, before either of them were famous, so Streisand did two sets to cover for Allen, and wouldn't you know that some of the discerning clientele demanded their fifty cent cover charge back after the show since they'd paid for a comedian as well as a singer. Three hours of a 19-year-old Barbra Streisand singing her heart out apparently didn't satisfy them. Which dovetails with Allen's comment you cited about the audiences reminding him of denizens of a midwestern Lions Club.

Wag Staff

Excellent article. Allen's work remains influential. The comedian Steven Wright took Allen's flights of logical fancy ("...drinking pre-Columbian coffee) and removed the Jewish persona to create an entire career. Was difficult to track down these early appearances pre-internet.


This is an amazing article. A really interesting read, and helped clarify certain aspects of Allen's career that I was wrong on. Well done!!

Mr. Dangermouse

Great piece about Johnnie Hamp, the producer of 'Cinema' who also produced 'The Woody Allen Show' on British TV in '65 published today... He has given an exclusive interview to comedian Matt Roper revealing the background to his work with Woody. Fascinating:

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