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February 26, 2010


holland oats

excellent job


Agreed. Good work, Brian.


double agreed - cheers brian!


What about us music lovers with Android phones?

Ian Eisenberg

Hi, thank you very much. good job.

elton job

Kenny G owns
Good ole Kenny!
I will promptly buy his Christmas CD with Michael Bolton!


This is all most excellent but when will I get a similar app on my Palm Pre? I want it so bad.


Android too please!


This is such an improvement over v1.0. Since I mainly listen to WFMU using my iPhone, this is much appreciated. This app has everything you could possibly need WFMU-related. And it makes it simple to access!



2.0 is amazing! Good job!

Now that my itouch is updated, I will patiently wait for the Droid app. Then I can really get down to business.


Just in time for Marathon - like money in the bank. Great job!


Really great! Wonderful update. Love the ubu radio too.


Amazing design and functionality. Bravo. And I don't even have an iPhone...

Joshua K

Palm Pre version would be cool. If I had enough free time I would help make one.
If I lot of it is pulled from the web it might not be that hard to make up a basic app. You can already play the web stream in WebOS if go to the regular website.


Best radio app to date. The sheer number of choices stresses me out a little. I was going to give the station a lot of money in this year's marathon anyhow, but now I'll feel even better about it. Great work.


Freedom is freeform. Freedom is also open source.

Android version has me quivering in anticipation.

Adam B

This looks completely fantastic -- I'm also putting in a plea for a Palm Pre version! Thanks for being on top of this, & looking forward to the marathon!


this thing is absolutely nuts. I already love it. It's totally a reason to have an iPhone.


I'm so excited to check this out. I've been checking the Android Market every day since this post :)


This improved app is packed with wholesome goodness. All we need now is the ability to post comments to the playlist from the iPhone!

mark from helsinki

This should not be free. It is too good an application (ten times better than ANY other internet radio for iPod).

You could charge a couple bucks.

They don't give out radios for free, why should this be free?


thanks so much I am blown away by this app. I encourage everyone to pony up and mouse pledge!!


For everyone with a Droid phone, you can listen to WFMU, too, via the application "A Online Radio":


Any news about the Android app?

Cygnis Media

its actually more durable than i Phone 4. Please check out the i phone 5 drop test. And a lot of new features are not available in i Phone 4

even though upgraded to iOS6. Charging port is great because you can plug in anyway you want.

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