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March 20, 2010


buford puser

Didn't listen to all of them but Carlin's & Davis Essex's are against "hard drugs", Jackson Browne (who should know) speaks out against using "smack", so to call these "anti-drug" announcements in the post-Nancy Reagan "Just Say No" sense is dead wrong.
These are ads by people that everyone knows smoke weed & use other drugs, & who gain their credbibility from that fact, denouncing heroin/methamphetamine use, aka "death drugs" in hippie parlance.
The best quote of this ilk is of course Abbie Hoffman's "The only dope worth shooting is Nixon."


Thanks, good stuff as usual. I love how the hippy dope heads like to act all hysterical about other drugs, saying they'll "kill you", etc, but then they try to turn around and say "oooh, but my personal favorite drug, weed, is a beneficial herb, man"... lol. I would like to see all drugs legalized except marijuana, just because of this ridiculous hypocrisy of the weed addicts. Most heroine junkies who are also cigarette smokers say that cigarettes are harder to quit than heroine. All the crap about "hard drugs" is no more true than reefer madness, i.e. there is a grain of truth to it but mostly it's just propaganda. p.s. People who do drugs are morons, especially people that smoke weed are the dumbest of all, I find cocaine users generally much more lucid and intelligent than smoked out hippies. Peace.

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Do you have the psa by Fee Waybill of the Tubes ?

I'm not making that up. I did hear this one.


Where did the George Carlin PSA actually come from? Was it on an actual promo lp for radio?


The Carlin one, as well as the rest are from a radio-only vinyl lp from a series called "Get Off" (!), I'd love to get some more of 'em, but only ever saw the one copy that they used to have at KZSC. And, sorry, no Fee Waybill.


Yes, the Blanc ones would be much appreciated. You wouldn't happen to have any Groucho? "One morning I shot heroin in my pajamas. How it got in my pajamas ...?"

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