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March 26, 2010



That's an incredible line-up. The Stroke compilation is excellent by the way...


I had no idea he'd had health problems. One of the greatest moments in my teen years was living in NZ and seeing Tall Dwarfs. It's so great people across the world are pulling together for him. Glad to see you guys are behind him 100%.

Emo Joe Blob

Does he live in the States now? (cos why else would he need to pay for healthcare/support? - this is a serious question btw)

Smokin Buddin

Would love to go, and wouldn't mind paying more than usual for a show, but $75 is too rich for my blood. I suspect the Neutral Milk Hotel sycophants will not mind paying it.


can't go to the show, but i'd like to contribute to the benefit/Chris Knox. is there a fund set up for me to do this? please advise.


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