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March 21, 2010


Arthur Castro

I just digitized a reel I was given... based on the info on the toher reels I acquired with it, it was recorded in Georgia circa. '66. It features a rural sounding family covering a beach boys song in a very gospel-tent/ folksy manner!!! The most bizarre thing I ever heard!!! You really can't tell what will be on these tapes

DJ ManRich

I'd bet my life that that's Ken on that last one.


haha! wow! I usually buy this kind of things at the salvation army.

I like the anti-drugs ads.

greetings from Argentina.


I will be curious to hear what is presented as you go deeper into the archives of the tapes. I have a couple boxes of reels as well and need to find the time to get my TEAC functional again to digitize...what program did you use for transferring the tapes?
I am running on Mac OS 10.4.....keep up the good work.

fatty jubbo

amazing! thank you!

Arthur- please do the world a favor and post that reel!



I recommend Final Vinyl by Griffin. it's discontinued but available here

I use it with manual levels as the automatic setting lowers the level too much when it encounters a sudden loud sound.

The best reason to use it is the feature it has to save the recording into tracks. You set the markers (though it can be done automatically too). It's a little crude but fairly stable. Has crashed here and there and once in awhile you might need to re-record or re-edit due to strange errors.


John L
also using 10.4 and digitizing records, tapes, you name it with this

Bob Purse

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the comments! Arthur, I would also LOVE to hear that tape.

James, I use Cool Edit Pro, but I'm on a PC. I have no idea if it would work on a Mac. I really like it a lot - it does a good job of declicking records (when that becomes necessary), and the "normalize" feature comes in handy all the time. I'm sure any good program has the equivilent....



Wow. I'm certain these are recordings for commercials (Marhoefer) and industrial films (Homko) produced by Academy Film Productions in Chicago in the late 50s. The company's films are now in the vaults of WPA Film Library, a stock-footage outfit. The database doesn't allow links, but do a search on "Homko" and "Marhoefer" (note the extra 'e'). The Marhoefer commercial is definitely there.

So where did you find these tapes?

Taro in Tokyo

(the second one actually begins with some unidentified Asian music):
4.) Unknown - Tape Recorder Demonstration (MP3)

The "unidentified Asian music" is the iconic Japanese folk song "Sakura Sakura." It is being sung by a young person who is not a native speaker of standard Japanese but who is doing a fairly good stab at the tune.

Check out my friend's retro-electronica video of "Sakura Sakura" on the Theremin in full drag kimono.

Bob Purse

Hey there,

Thanks to Jeff and Taro for providing further information about what I posted. Taro, that theremin clip is absolutely amazing.

Jeff, thanks for the link to the WPA site. Unfortunately, when I search for both of those items, I get to pages where I'm told that the films are not available to view at this time. Are you having better luck?

I'm sure that I bought this tape (and some others featuring the same voice, for Bouchell Carpets, and maybe other products), at the Mammoth Music Mart, a yearly used music sale which ran for some 25 years, before ending several years ago.

Rather than detail it here, you can read my description of it here:

Beermatman UK

Hi sort of stumbled on this blog site on Sunday evening; so much to take in I think I'll have a good look around so I won't sound too much like a dork... If that's the right word these days.
I've bookmarked your site.

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