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March 31, 2010



Scripps needs to stick to running spelling bees and leave my pork products alone.



I wonder if it is all pork products or something about bacon in particular. Maybe it has to do with being a fried breakfast food and not with being porcine.

Tony Coulter

Bacon was the only thing I missed when I became a vegetarian.

tony bacon

I kid you not - today was the first lunch that I plan to enjoy for a long long time. My consumption of meat has concerned me for some time now. No addiction issues too overt - I've sorta known about this addiction thingy for a while. If it's not meat, it is *terrific* beer. But I digress. Back to the lunch. Now, when I am craving a big old bacon cheeseburger, I just substitute a black bean patty as the burger with just 2 slices of bacon. A helluva lot less bad for you while still getting a nice balanced chomp of something meaty. Try it.
The Pied Piper eatery in Nashville, TN has a black bean and beet burger than is as stout as an angus burger. And, no, I will not cut back on my beer options in this amazing town.


Sometimes I like a bacon sandwich, on toasted rye, light brush of mayo---forget the lettuce, forget the tomato. But what I really, really like is that ass in the "I ♥ Bacon" panties.


True that; yet actual bacon addicts look a whole lot more like this.



the old 600 lb. fireman returning damaged ice cream scam

Janey Yonkers

Why not just go to bacon-flavored heroin? Or heroin-rubbed bacon?

Listener Cary Grant

Heroin! Peppermint-flavored heroin!


I just had a salad (served at a steakhouse in Moab, UT), that was topped with duck bacon! Amazing stuff, combining the smokiness of bacon with the richness of duck. Well worth a try for anyone dabbling in all things bacon.

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