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March 09, 2010


Pancake Pixie

The pancake was, I realized, one of the spots before my eyes.

Devlin Thompson

Isn't the music Raymond Scott?


Those balloons are filled with ninitroustrous oxoxideide!


Reminds me of the happy pancakes from "Winter of the Witch," which I saw many times on rainy days when we couldn't go out to recess. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5520207864742961679




Whats Craig Ferguson got to do with it?

Brian Turner

no relation to the TV host.

Irwin claims its not Raymond Scott doing the music...

Devlin Thompson

Well, he'd know if anyone would.

Jemima Butterworth


Peter DuCharme

It could be Suzanne Ciani. She was the go to girl in the late '70's for electronic "pop" in commercials. Westinghouse, GE.
One of the few people to have a full Buchla Modular Synthesizer in her studio.


My wife offered me Pancakes for breakfast but I had toast and now I am sad..

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