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March 13, 2010



Any chance of a zip being posted on rapidshare of this? It's a great collection I'd love to have!


fantastic! thanks debbie

King Daevid MacKenzie

...I second the motion of a complete collection post! After all, y'all did it for Lux & Ivy's Favourites...


In case you can't / don't want to post the mp3s themselves, would it be possible to simply post a listing (Artist/Album/Trackname) of this collection?
It would be greatly appreciated - thanks! :-)


Wow, can you post the whole file, please!

Scott Anger

i'll fourth the idea of a complete download link. pretty please, with sugar on top?

Debbie D

We will be offering the entire collection as a grand prize on Rex's Fool's Paradise program during the upcoming Marathon. A 10 dollar pledge gets you in the running. It will also include photos that were too risque to include on this blog!! Stay tuned for details.


Wonderful post and hats off and three cheers to J.R.! My toes are moving, I didn't ask them to move, stop toes, stop!

Rory Murray

Great Art by Dan DeCarlo of ARCHIE fame!

Eric Kleptone

Absolutely awesome selection here! I'm seriously shimmying!!!


hi any update on this as a prize during the marathon

Debbie D

Yes, Stephen! The entire set will be available as a grand prize on Fool's Paradise with Rex on Saturday March 13th from 1-3 PM! Don't miss it.


Blast! I missed it! Oh well, thanks for the samples!

Max Frost

For those of you who, like me, missed the Fools Paradise show today, check out the Las Vegas Grind series on the Crypt label (available in lots of places) similar soundz to this great Tittyshakers post.

Don (trip dub)

Hey Deb -

What's NSFW? No Sh*t, for weel? Meant for Baba Wawa?

- Examiner and listener and manic Soulster Don (trip dub)

J.R. Williams

Listeners who missed out on this collection during the pledge-drive might want to check out a similar offer on my Flickr the J.R. Williams link embedded in the above post for details!

Murray the Quay

J.R. I've been to your Flicker site and looked and looked for a link to this collection. I don't see it. Are you making it available or are you talking about a different collection? Thanks.

Debbie D

Here's the link:

Murray the Quay


Thanks. I got to that page, but what does one do next? Is this collection in fact available in some way? Or is it just the picture?

Debbie D

"buy 2 or more pieces of work from my Comic Art Collective page this month & I'll also send you the shakers!"

Murray the Quay

Doh! I've got to learn to read the fine print. . . . Thanks Debbie.


That's Jimi Hendrix on guitar and bass on "Suey".

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