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March 10, 2010


Mike from Sparta, NJ

The "what does "TARDIS" stand for?" simultaneous answer was amazing. Patton saying The Hitchhiker/chloroform comment was hilarious...I needed to pull my car over on the ride back from the station. great moment in nerd history.


No Jetpacks? Pshaw!

Scott Bandla

The fact that they dedicated so much time to Doctor Who in general makes me ridiculously happy...

mr. mike

Needed to ask "Dune" questions or at least a "2001" question...


Huh. Excited to listen to this but I'm nearly 8 minutes in and all I've heard is screaming, a phone number repeated endlessly, a mess of production and begging for money. I get it, it's a fundraiser. But this sure as hell isn't an episode where a new listener can jump in.

Craig Hilles

Hey, if you guys like trivia, can you win in REAL TIME against a lot of other people? Try it! (It's free).

$20 first prize every month!


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