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March 15, 2010



Formed "by mistake"? The idea sounds like a rip-off of the Portsmouth Sinfonia to me.

Another Jim

To 9:18 Jim: you don't like the "idea", but how about the music? Personally, I agree with Peel- there's true joy here...

Yet another Jim

I think I'm just a sucker for the accent. Joy!

Yet another Jim

But then I listened to Baker Street. Sacrilege, no joy :-)

9:18 Jim

I didn't say whether I liked the idea or not. I just don't understand what the so-called "mistake" was. They knew exactly what they were doing.


Steve Mitchell of LDKs has been known for rock and roll in-jokes for years -- his '80s/'90s band the Pooh Sticks was basically an extended goof, complete with members who never existed -- so are we entirely sure this isn't just Steve and his buddies having a laugh?

Jason Elbogen

If Steve and his buddies are having a laugh, they must have traveled back in time--and enlisted a whole slew of confederates--to do it; The Galactic Symposium 7" that John Peel kept in a "private wooden box [of] 143 singles representing some of his own favourites" was released in 1978.

As far as the idea being a 'rip-off' of Portsmouth Sinfonia, well, these buffoons were a lot drunker. And better.


All I have to do to piss off my drummer is toss out that sax lick from "Baker Street" in the middle of a guitar solo, apparently it brings back bad childhood memories.




Only 100 copies of this album? Sigh. Doesn't look like anyone of those 100 has made it onto the interwebs either.

Sno-Time at the Apollo

The British version of King Uszniewicz & His Uszniewicztones?

Johnny Ostrich

I remember Peel saying that he'd invited them to do a session for his radio show. They declined, saying they couldn't be bothered really!

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