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March 27, 2010


Taro in Tokyo

Random corrupt HTML is good for the Soul.


not working, please fix.

HTML Fixer Guy

Try this link instead (http://blog.wfmu.org/flvplayer.swf?file=http://blogfiles.wfmu.org/JT/folder3/1p2p.flv)


pre-clinic creepy

mr. mike

Somebody saw the DEVO movie and thought "I can do weirder." It's got that low-rent "Mr. Mike's Mondo Video" vibe.

Goyim in the AM

How do you know they're Austrian? I don't hear it in the accent, or see any other signifiers...

I'm kinda thinking art school gag from the US in 2004.


What makes this Austrian? I'm currently working in Austria and there's no discernible accent to my ears. They could be German, Swedish, American, Australian, etc...


it seems to be an art project

Goyim in the AM

Well, at least I got the "art project from the '00s" part correctly.

Listener Coolie

That is actually a real possibility now that you all mention it. I found a description on a site called Digitale Kunst by a digital art student in Vienna who calls himself Al Bird Gore. But the description neither indicates that Gore obtained the original ??? tape nor that it WAS in fact a recording from the last decade passed off as an 80's recording. So still unconfirmed but likely within the realm of possibility.

Doug in DC

Al Bird Dirt appears to be behind the Trash Rock Archives, so this may be authentic. His MySpace page has lots of info and more vids, but mostly in German:

Also, this translation may help:


Broback and young Stuart fight with hog castrators through barns cages yipping kennels.

Listener Coolie

Smedlian, that is about the coolest comment I've ever read.


Whoah, guess I was wrong, he is Austrian. I will have to catch one of his shows in Vienna!


your daily dose of surrealism...


I dunno, why am I thinking of The Mummies!!!!


this seems fake

Janey Yonkers

Shocking to see Gauzehead in a music video. He used to show up late nights in the production department of the Village Voice, circa 1990.

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