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March 12, 2010


Peter Swimm

Im all over this like autotune on the top 40.


works alright on droid (2.1). some design quirks but it works alright! ive been listening to wfmu using droidlive

Kevin Searle

Volume slider doesn't work for my HTC Hero (Android 1.0). Love that we finally got the WFMU app, though.




Thanks for this app! I have an Android 1.6 device. Seems to work great so far, as long as the 3G reception is decent. The 32k live stream works even if the connection isn't that great. Just give a full minute or two for it to buffer, and the 128k live stream as well as the archives and podcasts will work most of the time. I just hope it doesn't drain the battery like Pandora does.

Suggestions for the next version:
- Make the Back Arrow on the phone take you to to the previous screen on the app, instead of the Home screen. The Home key already does that.
- The little blip I hear every time I bring up the Now Playing screen- is there a reason for that? I can see why that'd be useful while changing the volume, but it's annoying to hear that when you just wanna get to the Now Playing screen.
- It'd be nice if the podcasts would pick up from where I left it, instead of 00:00.



I was hoping for a Palm Pre app but I completely understand that you can't do apps for every type of phone out there. The mp3 link does indeed work on the Pre but it has a lot of bugs / problems that I won't go into. Nice work on the ones you did do though! Maybe I'll make my next phone an iPhone or Android...


Works very well on the Droid! Thanks for not being iFoneies Only.

Danne D

I've really had no problem listening live via mp3 on my palm pre and actually have been able to play old hoof-n-mouth mp4 video as well. The pre is supposed to get flash in the near future which should greatly improve things as well :)

Of course my poor palm might be a paperweight in another year or so :(


Ellen Horne

I'd love to buy this app for $25. Sure, I can download it for free but then I'd worry be listening to WFMU in a more expensive way for the station than just through my radio?


Woot! Thanks a lot!


Has there been any thought to open source the code? Seems like it would go well with WFMU's free form philosophy. I would love to be able to contribute.


@Ellen - that is what the marathon fund raisers are for. The higher bar now days is to support day to day as well as R&D brilliance.


FYI, the link to the Android app was broken. It can be found in Android market.

iPhone Application

It's real interesting if you play both selections at the same time.


So Great!


The only problem is that I can't play or download podcasts :-\


Not working on jelly bean @ sgs3. Buffering forrver... :[

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