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April 20, 2010


J- 37

Thanks for this! 10 is sooo awesome...I caught a couple of the recent US shows...can't think of anyone that sounds like 10!! I'll read the wire your untitled cassette,,,best wishes ...j.


Thanks so much, J! Your kind words really means a lot.


WOW!! This is indescribably wonderful!!! I got a chance to see them at their last show at Glasslands a few days before this. They are both really sweet and just sick live!! I could only afford to buy Nomad, so I am SOOOOOOO happy to have this!!!! I love Nomad, however, there is nothing like the flow of live recordings. Plus, it really reminds me of that night, which was just one of the best shows I have been to for a really long time! 10 and WFMU.....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


That Wire article on Seoul was pretty bad and full with inaccuracies. Author should have talked with more Koreans and not so much Sato and Harth.


hey KKJJ, why are you talking about the wire things in here? this page is for 10. 10's music is good. that's the important thing in here.

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