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April 08, 2010



this appeared totally out of context without your name on it on facebook-- Benjamin, it would make more sense if you signed the article, as it is it appears to be emanating anonymously from wfmu and that doesnt make any sense. just sayin.-Maria


There were a few good things in the show (the Ray piece was great) but overall I was a bit underwhelmed... it felt like a bunch of stuff randomly thrown together.

I agree that the whole hubbub was blown way outta proportion. Surely it serves the public better to share this work than keep it cooped up in this guy's living room. You have to be pretty cynical to believe that the New Museum planned this show as an elaborate ruse to increase the value of their board member's collection.

Having said that, some people have asked whether a museum whose mission statement is "New Art, New Ideas" is best served rummaging around a zillionaire's closet for work by established artists as the basis for their shows. It's a fair question....

In the end it's hard to fault them for jumping at the opportunity to show rarely seen work by all their favorite artists.


Enjoyed this post immensely. Thx.

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