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April 11, 2010



check out this "uncut" from the artist UNCUT,on
one of many uncuts,this first one was ripped from a(70's) price is right episode!


21 second in, this gives me road rage

Listener Kliph

Yeah, i was gonna say it'll either cure it or give you more.

Pluto of Pluto

Wow,this reeks of nerdcore. I need MC Frontalot stat!

Rockford John

I need to put this on an 8-track immediately. Then put an 8-track player in the car.


Needs a bridge.


after the theme song, it's all downhill with that show.

Jack D. Ripper, Brigadier General, USAF, Commander, Burpelson Air Force Base

It is impossible to reconcile this work's manny shortcomings with the idea that it was made in the country that won the cold war. I therefore conclude that the United States of America must be listed among that war's losers. I am also starting to suspect that The Price Is Wrong.

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I agree, its quite better.

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