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April 15, 2010


Brian Turner

TC, how much overview does the MCCB disc cover? It seems like someone needs to get an LAFMS-style slab together for this material.

Tony Coulter

Hey Brian,

The MCCB disc has all of the releases on the MCCB label -- but not related projects on other labels (or non-labels).


Larry Mondello band DID play at Mather Hall at least once (I know, I was there, it was actually in the Underground Coffee House, directly below Hamlin hall where both Fred Frith and Etron Fou performed in the 70's, which was before my time but WRTC-FM had tapes at one point)), though it was several years after this 1981 release (I question these release dates-- I recall Fun With Static coming out in 88, but that might have been a "reissue" or re-solicit the band did in 88.) There was also another LMB cassette from that same era but the name escapes me, "Where's Larry" or something similar.

Tony Coulter

iIIIich: All but two of the tracks on "Live at Mather Hall" were indeed recorded there, in 1981. As for when "Fun with Static" first came out, all I can say is that it's dated 1981.

How was the concert you were at, by the way?


Geoff has put it up at bandcamp....

its full of wonders.

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