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April 29, 2010



I had that Zazu album new cut-out in 80s and gave it to a girlfriend. Always liked that track, too. Great cover! I'm guessing the band photo is from the back cover. Wish I had it back. Also had Fireballet's Night on Bald Mountain and can attest to its ur-proginess (came closest to early Genesis).

DJ Sunny Bitch

YaY!! Thanks for the Prog Tony!!! DJ Sunny Bitch

Joe Silver

Thanks for posting the Flight tracks. They brought back memories for me; I rehearsed with this band for several months back in 1977, although somehow I managed to avoid ever being on a record with them. (One small correction: They released three albums, not two. The last of these was on Motown, and was produced by Lee Young, the brother of jazz tenor saxophone great Lester Young.)

I will say that Pat Vidas's music was difficult to play, and required a lot of rehearsal time. (I always got a kick out of the way he pronounced the word "oxygen" on "Let's Fly Away.") Pat was also an inventor; he patented a modified trumpet that shot flames from the bell!

The musicians who passed through the group were all very accomplished, and several of them had interesting stories. Two of the players I worked with in Flight had performed steadily as part of Olivia Newton-John's band; one of them had also played (uncredited, unfortunately) on Bob Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks" album. The bass player who succeeded me in the group, John DeNicola, went on to co-write the huge hits "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" and "Hungry Eyes" from "Dirty Dancing."

Tony Coulter

Thanks for the correction, Joe -- and for the fascinating info! I'm glad you found this post....

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