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April 07, 2010


Devlin Thompson

Wasn't Bob Hope supposed to have been one of her owners at one point? Or was that a different mind-controlled sex slave?

Listener Greg G.

Yep, that's her..

And Tommy Lasorda and Boxcar Willie supposedly had their way with her, too.


Sad fact of the matter is she was taken seriously for awhile in the early nineties during the whole satanic panic/repressed memory nonsense.


I thought this was a gag book/ or an attempt at somr sort of strange satire. I laughed alot when I read it. Now I look back after reading this blog. I realize it was truly funny... Compared to the bullshit that is unfolding in Washington right now.

David Warswicz

The Cathy O'Brien story is remarkably similar to that of Candy Jones:


We don't know Cathy O'Brien but my husband and I know Alex Houston.we have know him for a very long time. He is a very dear friend. They say that he is suppose to be such a bad man but they are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is one of the best men we know and we are glad that Alex is a friend of ours.everybody who believes the lies that the crazy O'Brien woman is saying is as much off the deep end as she is. They are all past the point of no return. I have always been told( it is the truth!!)that children and animals can tell who is good and who is evil. Well we have never seen a child or animal afraid of alex.that proves that Alex is a man of the lord Jesus.unless you were there when all of this was happening you can not judge who did what to who!!!!!!!!we pray that she will get the help she needs before she harms anyone!!!!!!

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