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April 26, 2010



Wow. Sounds like the '79 version was padded out a bit. What is this song even about?


What is this song even about?
Well, um, he couldn't speak and go, and so his mother works hard every day to teach him all the names of his relatives, and also that life is hard. Which as a poor boy he must know know know know know nuh-nuh-nuh know know know know know know know.

Also, apparently their drummer is the German Bun E. Carlos.


The bass player "Lord Bernd" was married to actress Birgit Zamulo, whose filmography include Joe Sarno's "Baby Love", "Mosquito der Schänder/Bloodlust" (which featured her in a necrophilic love scene as dead participant) and the early german XXX movie "Sensational Janine" (1976).


The first one almost sounds like Adam and the Ants

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