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April 18, 2010


Tor H Tor

It that thar Ernie Anderson, of Part One, a.k.a. Ghoulardi?

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I love these kind of things. Total slice of life. A time capsule. You can picture these people just sitting there recording it. Thanks.


Yup, that must be Ghoulardi. Also, it's Lloyd Bochner, with an 'O'. He always had a killer voice. It's nice that people are grooving on these old reels. Gosh there must be a lot of stuff like this moldering out there. Good to have some of it archived!


"Bill Schallart" is almost certainly "Bill Schallert," who played Patty Duke's dad on 'The Patty Duke Show' and to this day shills for insurance on television.


Thanks. This is great. A little clarification of terms. Cunningham & Assoc. (formerly CED) is an "actor's agency" for commercials (they represent actors and take 10%) they aren't an ad agency.

This tape must be over 35 years old. Rod Serling died in 1975 and John Carradine in 1988. I worked with some of these people in the late 70's and into the 80's and 90's. John Anderson, who died in 1992 and I helped build a small non profit theatre in an office space on Seward St. in 1978. William Schallert was president of the Screen Actor's Guild from '79 to '81.

Have you got any more?


My gosh, but that commercial reel is extraordinary! What a treasure for us rather peculiar freestyle DJs. As a collector myself of 'audio letters' I haven't yet gotten to them, but as I absorb the ad spots I just can't get through too many at a time- they are just too darned hilarious---my sides hurt!!
Also- thanks Topangapan for the extra info--these type of comments are so helpful!


Judging by the radio spot for Antonioni's "Blowup" (!) These reels (or at least THAT reel) are from 1966 - onward.


I guess the John Erwin spot reel doesn't include his most commercial voice because it was on television. He was Morris the Cat.

Jason T.

Rege Cordic was a morning radio personality from Pittsburgh's KDKA. In 1965 he moved to KNX, Los Angeles, to replace Bob Crane. (Crane had quit his radio gig to do "Hogan's Heroes.")

Cordic was only marginally successful at KNX, which switched to an all-news format in 1968. He instead built up a career as a character actor (you can see him doing a lot of bit parts in '60s and '70s TV shows) and as a voice-over artist for radio commercials and cartoons.

More here: http://www.regecordic.com/

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